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Ladybug Comparison Chart


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We purchased the Ladybug 2350 Steam Cleaner for our cage-less dog daycare and overnight boarding facility...The advantage of this Steam Cleaner are numerous…CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

Larry P.

The Barker Lounge

Sevierville, TN



"I received my Ladybug steam cleaner yesterday and I already love it!  I also would like to thank you for your EXCELLENT Customer Service - It was a pleasure to do business with you." CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

Pam C.

Montgomery, TX

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Product Search

Ladybug Comparison Chart

Ladybug Comparison Chart

Get the Ladybug steam cleaner that is right for you.ladybug steam cleaner comparison chart

Whatever your specific cleaning needs, we have a Ladybug steam cleaner for you that will get the job done right and will be priced within your budget. We also offer a complete array of Ladybug add-on accessories so you can customize your Ladybug to your specific needs.

The new TANCS technology cleans and disinfects nearly any home surface without chemical-based cleaners. Using only about a quart of tap water per hour, our quiet, portable, dry steam vapor cleaners help you protect your most priceless possession - your family's health.

So don't wait, call us today and we will help you select the Ladybug that is right for your needs. 

Comparison Chart

Ladybug 2150

Ladybug 2200S


Ladybug Tekno 2350

Price with Standard Accessories $1,049.00 $1,249.00 $1,499.00 $1,899.00
Price with TANCS Component N/A $1,499.00 $1,699.00 Included
Stainless Steel Boiler  Yes Yes Yes Yes
Boiler Warranty 3 Years 3 Years, 8 Years w/TANCS 3 Years, 8 Years w/TANCS 3 Years, 8 Years w/TANCS
Boiler Capacity 1.5 Qts. 1.5 Qts. 2 Qts. 2 Qts.
Reservoir Capacity 1.8 Qts. 1.8 Qts. 1.8 Qts 2.5 Qts.
Continuous Fill Yes Yes Yes Yes
Pressure Gauge No Analog Analog Digital
Spark Killer No  No Yes Yes
ETL/ETLC Listed Yes Yes Yes Yes
Steam Volume on Handle Yes Yes Yes Yes
Steam Vapor Pressure 58 PSI 58 PSI 66 PSI 80 PSI +/-
Boiler Temperature 285 F 285 F 298 F 300 F
Steam Iron Available No No Yes No
Heating Power 1500 W 1500 W 1500 W 1700 W
Trolley Available No No No Yes
Larger Wheels No No Yes No
Carrying Bag Included No No No Yes
Detachable Hose Yes Yes Yes Yes